Yaouen has been navigating the seas and oceans of the musical universe since her adolescence. The winds carried it through innumerable countries and musical worlds. Rock, hard rock, folk music and many more made the young sailor vibrate. His favorite bands filled the space of his room under the creak of vinyls worn by the diamond of his sacred record player. Then the funk started to awaken his senses. On a quiet spring morning, jazz shook his ears. When he heard his tensions and harmonies, he decided to make it his life. At the same time, he became a guitar teacher and composer, arranger. During these last years, always in search of new sounds, He became aware of his strong attraction for Celtic music. During a stay in Brittany, he had the revelation of his deep and irresistible attachment to this magnificent region still wild, mysterious and bewitching.  He contacted the talented Luthier Cédric Verglas "Instruments Lamour". Then they began to design a twenty-string harp guitar. Now, she accompanies him throughout his journeys on the oceans and iodized spray.



Endorsements & Press

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- Cedric Verglas Guitars (Signature Guitar)

Press & Media

- La Chaîne Guitare (France)

- ST Amarin TV Show

- Bip TV (Issoudun)