Trevor Gordon Hall


Ranked among the 30 best guitarists in the world under 30 by Acoustic Guitar magazine, Trevor is an instrumentalist from Philadelphia in the United States whose style ranges from bold driving rhythms to delicate melodic themes. Exploring the full creative potential of the guitar, its mix of sounds weaves textures into grandiose but intimate and lyrical compositions. While leaving no physical aspect of the guitar untouched, Trevor guides the audience through a fiery experience of music that is not only heard but felt. In addition to being featured on NPR, NBC, PBS and countless international media, Trevor's tour schedule has taken him to 14 countries and has counted to perform in many historic places, including Carnegie Hall in New York, Union Chapel in London, Music History Museum in Bologna, Adolfo Mejia Theater in Colombia, and more.
Early in his career, Trevor caught the eye of 9-Grammy award-winning producer Joe Nicolo (James Taylor, Billy Joel, Bob Dylan, etc.), who produced two of Trevor's releases, Finding My Way and Let Your Heart Be Light, in 2008 and 2009. Then in 2010, inspired by his studies and always looking for new sounds to use, Trevor collaborated with different manufacturers to design an instrument combining an African finger piano (kalimba) and a acoustic guitar. The combination of instruments, which Trevor calls the "Kalimbatar", opened up new possibilities for solo instrumental music. The compositions inspired by the combination of the two instruments were introduced for the first time in previous versions but entirely produced in the first album of Trevor Candyrat Records Entelechy. When released in 2011, this album quickly climbed the charts of songwriters / composers iTunes, as well as the YouTube categories Top Commented / Top Favorited / Most Discussed gathering millions of views with the release of performance videos.



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- Schwartz Guitars (Signature Guitar)

Strings :
- D'addario

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- NV Tone Pickup

- K&K Sound Pickup

- Marshall Amps

- Walrus Ausio FX

- ToneWoodAmp

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- Island Music Magazine

- Acoustic Magazine

- Brodway World Magazine

- Candyrat Records