The School

An Original School

An original school, since it is the first in France, but also in Europe to offer fingerstyle lessons around 4 instruments such as Guitar, Bass, Ukulele and Harp Guitar.

Taught by artists passionate about styles, this school will bring you satisfaction.

A Dynamic Team

An international team bringing some artists from all over the world ... France, Italy, England, Ireland, Germany, Poland, Latvia, Turkey, Russia, Canada, USA etc ... in a trilingual school.

For all your lessons, you will find sheet music and tablatures in Guitar Pro 7 & Pdf format.

New Possibilites

The Fingerstyle register will make you discover the immense possibilities that this mode of play offers. Playable in all styles : Classic, Flamenco, Blues, Country, Jazz, Pop, Rock, Metal, New Age...

Become a full musician !

Subscriptions & Services

The school currently offers courses with different packages, around 3 languages (French, English and Spanish). This will evolve, with the pakages, we will propose some formula as well soon. 

Several courses are coming, with new teachers with new instruments. 

Have fun ! :)

Welcome everyone ! 

I am proud to offer you this online Fingerstyle academy.

I hope that you will find the inspiration and the knowledge that you wish to acquire, good learning to all !

Cheers             Kevuan

More than an online school, since it donates 20% of its profits to the TARA association, which fights for the animal and environmental cause.

Learning music with us is also bringing more to the planet !

If you wish to make an additional gesture, you can send donations to the association directly here :

Thanks by advance !