Kevuan is an acoustic fingerstyle guitarist based in south-west of France. This one has above all an Asian musical culture ... His music is made up of sounds and texture all his own, mixing east and west, resulting in a modern and original musicality.

He likes playing on nylon guitars as well as folks, and performs internationally in countries like Poland, Israel, Canada, the United States and others ... with sponsors such as the brand "Ortega Guitars" or still in partnership with the American label "Fretmonkey". 

Kevuân is the founder of the "Fingerstyle Guitar Camp" in France and the organizer of the "Acoustic Guitar Nights" evenings in Paris. 

Besides his life as a musician, he happens to be an excellent teacher approved by a good number of critics. He likes to pass on his knowledge through masterclasses given in music schools, music stores but also guitar salons.



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- Ortega Guitars

- Graff Guitars 

- Journey Instruments

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- Pyramid Strings

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- K&K Sound 

- Elite Acoustics

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- La Chaine Guitare (France)

- La Republique des Pyrenees (France)

- Platotv Creasud

- Candyrat Records Label