François Sciortino


François started playing the guitar at the age of 16. He is passionate about Folk, Blues and Country. Even if the beginnings are more "electric", the acoustic guitar quickly becomes its main instrument. The discovery of an album by Marcel Dadi will be the trigger ... as for many other guitarists in France for that matter ! Then, attracted by South American music, he entered the Gaston Litaize Conservatory of Montereau Fault Yonne to study classical guitar and jazz harmony. He will stay there for five years during which he will forge a solid technique and broaden his musical horizons. He graduated with a musical openness and the desire to compose his own music. Today, he is a professor in the same Conservatory, the circle is complete !




Endorsements & Presse

Guitars :

- Baudry Guitars (Signature Guitar)

- Thomas Fejoz Guitars

Press & Media :

- Acoustic Guitarist Magazine
- La
- La Chaîne Guitare