Dmitry Lisenko


I have been playing bass since the age of 16, but it is advice close to my heart. But it was not just advice. It was a teacher's criticism because I was kicked out of a music school. It was my first professional feedback. But it was far from the last.

Since then, I have played across Europe and released a solo album of original compositions. I have won several bass guitar competitions, including the Russian Bass Player Competition 2015, and I have participated in festivals such as the London Bass Guitar Show, Bass Day St. Petersburg, Bazzday 2016 in Moscow and Warwick Bass Camp . My work has been published by artists like Ultimate Guitar, Candyrat records, ibassmag, NoTreble, Bass The World and many others.

I started playing on the street, later I studied bass guitar at London Music University. I have signed endorsement agreements with Warwick and Gallistrings. I actively played, toured and recorded with groups in all possible genres of music. I created a community for acoustic bass guitarists, I am a member of Bass Players United, and in addition to playing solo and in session, I have my own death metal band MARA.



Endorsement & Press

Bass :                                                                                                                                                        

- Warwick Bass

Strings :

- Gallistrings

Mic & Amps

- Warwick Amps

Press & Media :

- Bass Guitar Magazine

- Bass Musician Magazine

- Candyrat Records Label