Aram Bedrosian


Born and raised in Burlington, Vermont, Aram started playing at age 13 and developed his technique by playing in progressive rock and funk bands. He studied composition at university while frequently performing concerts and recordings with various US tour numbers.
 After gaining a reputation as a first class professional bass player, he released his first album of unaccompanied and emotionally dazzling original solo pieces. He quickly gained rave reviews and global attention, leading to co-billing with Buckethead, Joe Bonommassa and other world-class artists as well as numerous mentions.



Endorsement & Press

Bass :                                                                                                                                                        

- Ortega Bass

- Ritter Bass

Strings :

- Gallistrings

Mic & Amps

- Warwick Amps

Press :

- Bass Player Magazine

- Bass Musician Magazine

- Candyrat Records Label