Alexandr Misko 


Alexandr Misko is a dazzling new breed of modern fingerstyle guitarist. The 22-years-old Russian already plays shows all over the world and has often appeared on TV in his homeland and other countries.
Drawing influences from the musicians who pioneered and expanded this guitar style, Misko manages to break through to new heights while never losing sight of the underlying music.

He is a passionate and energetic performer who has gone on to release four solo albums whilst his organic approach to publishing music has earned him a supportive fan base the world over.

In December 2017 Misko released his second album "Beyond The Box” and the very first single from the recording (“Careless Whisper” by George Michael) gained more than 80,000,000 views within a month on Facebook and YouTube accumulated. The number of Alexandr’s subscribers on his YouTube channel is growing exponentially and now has more than 600.000 followers.
All of this set things in motion for Alex to take his solo show around the world.

Since 2016 he released 4 albums and has been actively performing all around the globe with solo shows, teaching, recording music, and in October 2018 he received the title “Guitarist of the Year” according to the noticeable UK magazine “MusicRadar".



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- Lowden Guitars                                                                                                                                           

- Baton Rouge Guitars


- Ernieball 

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- ToneWoodAmp

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- Thomann

- Guitar Magazin

- MusicRadar
- La Chaine Guitare (France)

- Candyrat Records Label